Sydney Sailors Snatch Control of Sayonara Cup

An exciting duel on River Derwent along with the victorious return of Sayonara Cup to Sydney Yacht Squadron is pointing towards a comeback amongst the sailors of Australia after almost a decade of inertia at Royal Yacht Club in Tasmania’s Hobart.

The Sayonara Cup is called the mini-America’s Cup. It is one of the most popular and oldest trophies to be won in Southern hemisphere. The trophy has a strange appeal among the match racers and has been really crucial for over 115 years. It provides them with a forum to race in pure form since the year 1904. This is the year when the two strongest racing yacht of Australia marked the occasion of Federation quite well.
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Stranded New Brighton Yacht To Stay At The Beach Until A New Owner Is Found

A yacht stranded on a Christchurch beach will remain where it is until Environment Canterbury (ECan) till it will track its new owner. Sean Grant had to swim to the coast after his yacht ran aground due to New Brighton Beach at. 18.30 on September 12th. ECan working regional harbor-master Ian Fox said after the incident last week that Grant had to remove the yacht on Monday or the rate payers should have to pay to get it moved.

ECAN Regional Leader Compliance Delivery, James Tricker on Monday said, “ECan was working on a new removal plan due to the reason that Grant had sold yacht online. “Now, moving the boat and other costs involved in the same was the responsibility of the owner of the boat,” he said.
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Nagel’s AkzoNobel Suffer Mast Damage

Nagel’s AkzoNobel badly suffered from severe mast damage. Team AkzoNobel, which is a known Volvo Ocean Race team belonging to Bermudian Emily Nagel, got the serious setback when yacht’s mast become victim of strong winds as well gigantic seas when things wrong yesterday.

Dutch syndicate racing via the Southern Ocean starting from Cape Town to Melbourne on third leg round during world race.
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World Sailing Invites Host Cities For Sailing’s World Cup Series Final In 2018 And 2019 As Well As The European Round In 2019 And 2020

The World Cup Series is the one stop guide on where to find to the best-of-the-best in Olympic sailing with clear objectives to showcase and develop Olympic sailing, create sporting heroes and engage sports fans, and excite sponsors and broadcasters.

The Series is an annual circuit of Olympic sailing for elite and professional sailors, and a key event for fans and media to connect with the sport of sailing and develop support for athletes on their road to Tokyo 2020 and beyond. Over 2,000 of the world’s leading sailors, representing 75 nations have competed in the World Cup Series since its beginnings in 2008.

Kiel, Germany was awarded the 2018 edition of the World Cup Series Final, to be held in parallel with the world famous Kieler Woche (Kiel Week) sailing festival, at World Sailing’s 2016 Annual Conference. However, due to conflicts of Kieler Woche and World Sailing commercial partners, a contract could not be agreed upon.
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Craig Wins Record Fifth World Title

The 2017 OK Dinghy class World Championships were held in the lovely island of Barbados.

The conditions for the race were hot, humid and changing winds. But, that did not deter Nick Craig of the FRENSHAM Sailing Club to claim his fifth world title in the Single-handed Dinghy class.

The conditions in Barbados were not new for Craig as he would have experienced the similar sailing conditions during the summer in Frensham. He did put this experience into full use and had a wonderful race. He has made his small area of Farnham proud and is one of the few talented sportsperson to emerge from the Farnham area. Craig had made everyone in the area proud. He has won the world championship title for the fifth time in his career and this is no mean feat.   Continue reading “Craig Wins Record Fifth World Title”

A Fun Alternative For New Age

With more than 8000 O’pen BICs the singlehanded from youth group has been offering an alternative from 10 years since its launch.

There are currently 150 sailing program based in North America as far as O’pen BICs are concerned. In addition, more such sailing programs are adding pathways to keep the excitement in youth passion alive for sailing. Not every youth today has a passion for boats or conventional races that has been prevalent for over 50 years. However, the good news is that the programs offering joyful alternatives are seeing a rising in trend in numbers and the attrition rate is declining. Therefore, the O’pen BIC is the ideal platform for the new age that has proven to be successful.

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GBYC Got Funding For Renovation

The Yacht Club Geographe Bay is planning to rebuild the present facilities for training of junior sailors.

To do the task, the club has received the funding of over $100,000 from the state government. The funding has been released with an objective to make a center for junior marine a reality.

The comrade of Geographe Bay Yacht Club Terry Compton said the current facility present at the club for junior marine is 50 years. It is out of date now. The requirement of the new center was there, and this is really great news that, the government is funding the club. The new center will have space to store boats and will become the clubhouse for junior sailors. The renovation of the clubhouse will also encourage new young sailors to take this as a sport.

She said,” The club will have dedicated training center for junior sailors that will have all up-to-date equipment. Another benefit of this development will be young ones between the age of 7 to 12 years who like sailing use boats to go into the water will get training before landing into the water.” Continue reading “GBYC Got Funding For Renovation”

Viper 640 International Race

Viper 640 internationals probably got the befitting weather condition as per the name of the competition.

The day the event was held was a stormy though bright day and it helped bring out the best among the competitors. Held at Hamilton in Bermuda, there were several stalwart sailors who competed in this event. For instance, Zeke Horowitz, who sailed with Brendan Healey as well as Ian Coleman, was able to have a lead in the races up to six finishes. The races were held on November 18th at Great Sound in Bermuda.

The competition known as Aspen Viper 640 International Championship saw the trio have a yellow spinnaker which is a fixture that is familiar in the circles. The trip was sponsored into the event by EFG. There were other Viper 640 competitors of North America category as well. As Horowitz stated later, it was definitely great to be standing on top of the stands, but the sailing experience had been worthwhile as well. Continue reading “Viper 640 International Race”

GAC Pinder Makes Great Start At M32s

The racing battle at Helsinki kicked off in perfect conditions on September 1, 2016. The sailors enjoyed the sunny conditions and the 20+ knots wind in gusts that made even the audiences thrilled to bits. There is no other popular venue for stadium sailing in Europe than Hernesaaren Ranta.

The GAC Pinder lead by Ian Williams is touted as the favorites to win the M32s and they lived up to the expectations of the crowd. This British racing team had their first performance on the Helsinki circuit in 2015 and has returned this year with much vigor. The series leader of the M32 race was the GAC Pinder team and their experienced crew members are happy with the performance that they had put up on the first day. They bet the other teams, six times out of the seven races and won the praises of everyone present at Hernesaaren Ranta. Continue reading “GAC Pinder Makes Great Start At M32s”

The Oakcliff – Clagett Match Race Results

A large group of sailors, about 24 and volunteers gathered in the second weekend of July for taking part in a match race that was inaugural for a program designed to help sailors with adaptive needs. The Clagett – Oakcliff match race was led by Dave Perry as coach along with Sonar teams that were eight in number.

These teams got right down to match racing and many tried it for the first time in their diverse careers. The match race was held at Waterfront Center in Oyster Bay and needless to say, Jen French being the silver medal winner, remained undefeated by the end of the event. Continue reading “The Oakcliff – Clagett Match Race Results”