Sydney Sailors Snatch Control of Sayonara Cup

An exciting duel on River Derwent along with the victorious return of Sayonara Cup to Sydney Yacht Squadron is pointing towards a comeback amongst the sailors of Australia after almost a decade of inertia at Royal Yacht Club in Tasmania’s Hobart.

The Sayonara Cup is called the mini-America’s Cup. It is one of the most popular and oldest trophies to be won in Southern hemisphere. The trophy has a strange appeal among the match racers and has been really crucial for over 115 years. It provides them with a forum to race in pure form since the year 1904. This is the year when the two strongest racing yacht of Australia marked the occasion of Federation quite well.

The neck-to-neck battle between the 2 oldest clubs of Royal sailing in Australia and the finest team had attracted the crowd on the water and attracted offers to challenge Western Australia and Tasmania.

Iain Murray has stated that it appears as if Sayonara Cup has unfastened a sailing area which the people thought that they had already moved from.

She also said that everybody looks to the new edition of America’s Cup and consider about foiling and speed. However, there is a real appreciation of the actual skills related to match racing that is used in the previous events of America’s Cups and also the Sayonara Cup. The technical abilities to race, especially gybing, boat placement, and tacking over technology are skills which are sought at the topmost level. These are known to have been the foundation of the saturation of the Australian crew in the sailing stage of the world.

Murray seems to have great hope when it comes to the future national level match racing. The words making a round-about match racing is partly because of the quality on board of each boat.