Nergaard Wins the 5.5M Boat Championship

The number one formula for world-class sailing was 5.5-metre boats during the 1950s beginning till the end of 1960. Some of the legends in sailing have been made in more than five Olympic Games and the class still continues to roar till now. Three continents were represented by seven countries. They took part in the 2020 World Championship for 5.5m boats that were held from 9th to 13th January in Australia’s Newport. Kristian Nergaard from Norway took away the winner’s title for the tenth time after seven tough races.

He was chased by three teams from the Bahamas who finished the races almost at his heels. Ali Baba, John B, and New Moon II were the three 5.5 meter boats from the Bahamas that gave tough competition to him. When asked about his tenth world title, Nergaard said that he has been with the class for a long time now, but there are more sailors who are coming into this class and they are quite enthusiastic about the sport. More boats of 5.5m are being built because of the interest. According to him, over 20 moderns will be there at the World Championships in the future. A lot of talented sailors will come to participate in this class because of their interest and passion.
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Olympic New Event Needs Sailors and Owners

The Royal Yacht Association has launched a search for offshore sailors. They are currently on the hunt for boat owners and sailors who are interested in the newly launched mixed double-handed offshore event. It will happen for the first time at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Mixed pairs will fight it out in this exciting and highly anticipating discipline. The race will go on for 4 days offshore and this is going to be a fresh showcase for the event. The planning for Paris Olympics 2024 is yet to be ready, but the Royal Yacht Association has already registered the entry for a team from Britain in the World Sailing Offshore World Championship 2020 that will coincide with the Rolex Middle Sea Sailing Race.

The Royal Yacht Association is eager to hear from any experienced and motivated sailors who are interested to try out offshore double-handed sailing. The association is also eager to hear from boat owners who are in search of new partners for the race. They also want to get a response from those who are prepared for giving their boats on loan or even charter a suitable boat with other sailors.

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Sydney Sailors Snatch Control of Sayonara Cup

An exciting duel on River Derwent along with the victorious return of Sayonara Cup to Sydney Yacht Squadron is pointing towards a comeback amongst the sailors of Australia after almost a decade of inertia at Royal Yacht Club in Tasmania’s Hobart.

The Sayonara Cup is called the mini-America’s Cup. It is one of the most popular and oldest trophies to be won in Southern hemisphere. The trophy has a strange appeal among the match racers and has been really crucial for over 115 years. It provides them with a forum to race in pure form since the year 1904. This is the year when the two strongest racing yacht of Australia marked the occasion of Federation quite well.
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Stranded New Brighton Yacht To Stay At The Beach Until A New Owner Is Found

A yacht stranded on a Christchurch beach will remain where it is until Environment Canterbury (ECan) till it will track its new owner. Sean Grant had to swim to the coast after his yacht ran aground due to New Brighton Beach at. 18.30 on September 12th. ECan working regional harbor-master Ian Fox said after the incident last week that Grant had to remove the yacht on Monday or the rate payers should have to pay to get it moved.

ECAN Regional Leader Compliance Delivery, James Tricker on Monday said, “ECan was working on a new removal plan due to the reason that Grant had sold yacht online. “Now, moving the boat and other costs involved in the same was the responsibility of the owner of the boat,” he said.
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Nagel’s AkzoNobel Suffer Mast Damage

Nagel’s AkzoNobel badly suffered from severe mast damage. Team AkzoNobel, which is a known Volvo Ocean Race team belonging to Bermudian Emily Nagel, got the serious setback when yacht’s mast become victim of strong winds as well gigantic seas when things wrong yesterday.

Dutch syndicate racing via the Southern Ocean starting from Cape Town to Melbourne on third leg round during world race.
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