GAC Pinder Makes Great Start At M32s

The racing battle at Helsinki kicked off in perfect conditions on September 1, 2016. The sailors enjoyed the sunny conditions and the 20+ knots wind in gusts that made even the audiences thrilled to bits. There is no other popular venue for stadium sailing in Europe than Hernesaaren Ranta.

The GAC Pinder lead by Ian Williams is touted as the favorites to win the M32s and they lived up to the expectations of the crowd. This British racing team had their first performance on the Helsinki circuit in 2015 and has returned this year with much vigor. The series leader of the M32 race was the GAC Pinder team and their experienced crew members are happy with the performance that they had put up on the first day. They bet the other teams, six times out of the seven races and won the praises of everyone present at Hernesaaren Ranta. Continue reading “GAC Pinder Makes Great Start At M32s”

The Oakcliff – Clagett Match Race Results

A large group of sailors, about 24 and volunteers gathered in the second weekend of July for taking part in a match race that was inaugural for a program designed to help sailors with adaptive needs. The Clagett – Oakcliff match race was led by Dave Perry as coach along with Sonar teams that were eight in number.

These teams got right down to match racing and many tried it for the first time in their diverse careers. The match race was held at Waterfront Center in Oyster Bay and needless to say, Jen French being the silver medal winner, remained undefeated by the end of the event. Continue reading “The Oakcliff – Clagett Match Race Results”

World Sailing penultimate Rio visit

The World Sailing is happy with the build up being made by Rio 2016 as well as the Brazil authorities in grooming for the 2016 Rio Olympic as well as Paralympic Sailing Competition after an official visit from 7th to10th March, 2016.

CEO Andy Hunt, 2016 Rio Sailing Technical Delegates Scott Perry and Alastair Fox, Medical Commission representative Dr. Nebojša Nikolic, and Chairman of the Events Committee Pablo Masseroni met with the Rio Organising Committee, the State, the City, the State Environment Institute (INEA) as well as the State Company of Water and Sewage (CEDAE) over the 4 day period.

The safety and health of sailors competing at the 2016 Rio is paramount and World Sailing stay centered on forking out an excellent Olympic Sailing Competition on a safe as well as fair pack of play. The renovation of Marina da Gloria by BR Marinas is coming in the final stages of culmination and is on-track to be forked up in early April with many of the marina buildings presently being fitted-out for occupancy.

Dr Nebojša Nikolic said told that he is happy with the planning work that is being done ahead of the Games to make sure that the welfare of sailors stays a top priority and that appropriate water testing and protocols are in place to inform decision making at the Games.

The water condition testing data will be closely monitored. And it will be used to educate officials and sailors on what they can do themselves to reduce health risks ahead of the Games.