A Fun Alternative For New Age

With more than 8000 O’pen BICs the singlehanded from youth group has been offering an alternative from 10 years since its launch.

There are currently 150 sailing program based in North America as far as O’pen BICs are concerned. In addition, more such sailing programs are adding pathways to keep the excitement in youth passion alive for sailing. Not every youth today has a passion for boats or conventional races that has been prevalent for over 50 years. However, the good news is that the programs offering joyful alternatives are seeing a rising in trend in numbers and the attrition rate is declining. Therefore, the O’pen BIC is the ideal platform for the new age that has proven to be successful.

The management anticipates 80 O’pen BICs in the 2017 North Americans in March 17 to 19 in Florida.

In the previous year the number was 45 and there are more upcoming events in 2017 when compared to 2015. There are around 32 sailors already been chosen worldwide for the America’s Cup Finals that will be held in Bermuda. The event for Open BICs is the show for half the time between two races and will be showcased on television across the globe.

In Sarasota, Florida, there will be overall 6 people chosen and the top 2 female sailors apart from the top 6 will be chosen for Bermuda. In addition, there will be a 9th spot that will be chosen on a random basis out of top 30 that have not been chosen. For these youth teams, entry fee, stay, charter boat and foods will be offered in Bermuda. This will be a spectacular event to watch as it is the best fun alternative for new age indeed. The entire national will get an opportunity to see young sailors taking part in the race.